Kaj G Backas (KGB)

Finally I have found time to start updating my homepage (makingi tfunctioning again). This web is now on the Hostingpalvelu server. Old data is perhaps still available here. This link may disappear some time (most files are from the beginning of this millennium). Some kind of back-up with almost the same information as on this Backas site can be found on pbn-bridge.ddns.net (you have to write the link in your browser!). But these links are slow for downloading.

All new bridge programs that I have written in the last decades are now available to download from this site. Some relay on external code as Bo Haglund's double dummy solver (32bit version) and Ghostscript. You may download the newest ones, but only those available on my site are those that I have tested.
As said, I have the tested dll's available here, you may try the newest by downloading from the real original providers.

My programs are written with Microsoft Visual Studio as VB programs and do generally need the latest .NET Framework. Some must have Interop-files to function properly. The zip-file that I provide should contain all necessary auxiliary files. Thus I suggest that you download and unzip dll_files and aux_files as told on the PBN page.

PBN is nowadays the mostly used file format for bridge. A lot of file formats that were available in my old Batchconverter are now almost obsolate. My bridge file converter thus supports only PBN, Jannersten's .dlm, Deep Finesse, BridgeBaseOnline .lin, and Bridge Baron. Intelligence is in the file KGBcodec.dll.

The page about playing cards are almost as on the old sites. A visit to Gripsholmen castle in Sweden allowed me to take a picture of a painting of Sigrid. You may compare it to the knave of Hearts.

Unfortunately I do not have a list of OCX and Microsoft dll's that perhaps are needed for my programs. If you encounter problems, please mail, then I can update this information in the explanation text.

Everything is in public domain. Please enjoy. But, use programs on your own risk.

Kaj G Backas, M.Sc. (Control Engineering, retired)
Mechelingatan 10 A 8
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mobile      +358 50 5898500 
Email kgb@sackab.fi